Thursday, 19 February 2015

Little message

Hey guys today I just got to Norfolk so I have not got time to do a review I have brought lots of books with me but have not had time to read them. In the comments below please may you recommend some of your favourite books and I will have a go.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

the maximum ride series by James Patterson

The maximum ride series are my favourite series I have ever read in this post I will be looking at personalities of some characters and their powers.


Max is tough and strong she will never give up especially to look after her flock.
Her power is she has a voice in her head and can fly at least one hundred and fifty miles per hour.
Max secretly loves fang.


Fang is dark and quiet especially in the worst times he is always relaxed.
His power is to blend in and become invisible with things he also has feelings for max.
Fang writes a blog.


Iggy is blind.
He loves setting of bombs with the gasman.
His power is to see but only when he sees white.


Nudge loves fashion her real name is monique.
Her power is to crack codes by closing her eyes and thinking.


The gasman ,for short gazzy, loves setting off bombs with iggy.
He is called the gasman for a reason because his power is to set off giant gas balls.


Angel is kind and sweet but is now growing up and wants to make her own desicions. 
She can read minds, transform into a tropical bird, talk to fishes and breathe underwater.

I hope you enjoyed that I would love to get a comment from James Patterson if possible.

Hope you enjoyed it

The Secret of Platform 13 - by Eva Ibbotson - Book Review

Hi my name is Jasmine Myla Samios I am 9 years old I will be blogging about book reviews. Reading is my everyday life I love reading I do it all the time from word to word to wonder to wonder to page to page every page has a hooking sentence that makes you want to read more. Today I will be doing a book review on a great book that my school teacher from king Alfred school read at story his name is Rocco Pannagio check out our school at this link the book is called the secret of platform thirteen by Eva ibbotson.

I thought that the book was really fascinating but Raymond is so moany and whiny that he did not deserve to be in the book but without him the story would not have a mission except for that Gurkie is is so funny Odge is strong and tough and will never give up cornelius is always wise Ben is loving and kind. I could go on for all the characters and about their personalities right now. Ok Hans is a funny cheese making giant as for Raymond spoilt and mean. Mrs Trottle is rich and not a proper mum she spoils Raymond enough. As for Nanny brown she is one weird nanny but it is so funny to be able to hear "I need to dip my teeth in some brandy to get my strength."

Thats all I can tell you why don't you tell me what you thought about it in the comments. Eva ibbotson is a amazing writer I hope you like my review

Thank you see you next time

Ps. In the comments below tell me a book to review