Wednesday, 18 February 2015

the maximum ride series by James Patterson

The maximum ride series are my favourite series I have ever read in this post I will be looking at personalities of some characters and their powers.


Max is tough and strong she will never give up especially to look after her flock.
Her power is she has a voice in her head and can fly at least one hundred and fifty miles per hour.
Max secretly loves fang.


Fang is dark and quiet especially in the worst times he is always relaxed.
His power is to blend in and become invisible with things he also has feelings for max.
Fang writes a blog.


Iggy is blind.
He loves setting of bombs with the gasman.
His power is to see but only when he sees white.


Nudge loves fashion her real name is monique.
Her power is to crack codes by closing her eyes and thinking.


The gasman ,for short gazzy, loves setting off bombs with iggy.
He is called the gasman for a reason because his power is to set off giant gas balls.


Angel is kind and sweet but is now growing up and wants to make her own desicions. 
She can read minds, transform into a tropical bird, talk to fishes and breathe underwater.

I hope you enjoyed that I would love to get a comment from James Patterson if possible.

Hope you enjoyed it